Strategic Planning

Strategic planning begins with a bold, inspiring, and memorable vision of the future that is demanding but achievable. It produces a commonality of purpose and a sense of excitement that powers enduring, dedicated action. The vision should grow and be re-articulated as the organization’s capabilities expand.

The vision is the basis for developing strategy – those fundamental decisions that will shape and guide the organization’s activities. Those decisions are informed by data about the organization’s activities and results as well as trends in the environment in which it operates. Developing strategy is a creative process that draws upon the aspirations, knowledge, and experience of both management staff and the board of directors.

The implementation plan evolves from agreed-upon strategic decisions and priorities. It addresses the question of how to get from here to there. Generally, it is developed by staff for review and approval by the board of directors. The implementation plan focuses on the first year with detailed objectives, tasks, timelines, expected measurable outcomes, and allocation of resources.

Visioning and development of strategic decisions is a process that benefits greatly by the use of an experienced facilitator. A facilitator is neutral, independent of bias, and careful not to advocate a particular point of view or course of action. The facilitator reduces interpersonal conflict by keeping the group focused on what is in the best interest of the organization and the people it exists to serve. A facilitator levels the playing field between and among staff and members of the board of directors by eliciting full participation, assuring thorough understanding of complex issues, and exploring possible scenarios and consequences to arrive at high quality conclusions.

We are trained in and utilize consensus workshop and group facilitation methods developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs. These methods are highly interactive and effective in developing consensus and shared commitment to common goals.


"When I served as Executive Director of Independence, Inc., Mike helped us not only craft a realistic, meaningful strategic plan but also refocus our image. After nearly thirty years with our original mission statement, he guided us in developing new mission and vision statements effectively encapsulating our work and helping set our sights on the future. Mike is a gifted facilitator and visionary leader who made a big difference in our organization."

Tanya Dorf
Former Executive Director
Independence, Inc.
Lawrence, KS



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